Blonde Hair, Blue Eyes : A Book Review

Blonde Hair, Blue EyesBlonde Hair, Blue Eyes by Karin Slaughter

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I read this as an audiobook from the library.

I don’t typically reach for short stories, but I really enjoyed Karin Slaughter’s writing style in Triptych and Pretty Girls, so I thought it’d be worth giving this a listen. It was definitely a quick read. I was done with the audiobook within a day; I believe it is just over 2 hours long in audiobook form.

The length of the book was actually pretty perfect. I enjoyed the obsessive energy of Julia, trying to find what had happened to the missing women. We find out just enough about her and her own family to build a good background. The ending is both final and open-ended.. I’d love to hear more.

If you enjoy this, definitely read Triptych and Pretty Girls. I’m eagerly awaiting Fractured (#2 in the Triptych/ Will Trent series) to be available from my library so I can read that as well.

The narrator of this short story was also very good.

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Book Review of The Murderer’s Daughter

The Murderer's DaughterThe Murderer’s Daughter by Jonathan Kellerman

My rating: 2 of 5 stars

I took this out from the library as an audiobook.

This started out well but then it just got more and more unrelatable and ridiculous over time.
Grace is born into a poor excuse for a family of idiot rednecks, we get it, she still manages to be a genius. Spoiler alert, one of her parents is a murder (which you may have guessed from the title) still, she perseveres and is super smart even if she’s undernourished and her parents are both barely literate, somehow she has taught herself to read and survive and overcome her terrible upbringing. She is placed in a series of foster homes and is always very amenable to anything that happens to her but trusts no one. She’s reading college level books under the age of 10.

Fast forward to Grace as an adult. She’s now a brilliant psychologist. Also she’s learned martial arts. Also she’s a sex fiend. Also, did we mention she’s a genius? She’s so very smart. But she still sucks her thumb when she sleeps, but it’s fine, she’s a genius. Now she’s going to solve crimes while on the run, because she’s such a brilliant psychologist she has loads of money to spend! Who cares about the police, she’ll solve it on her own! Not like her running off and buying wigs and vehicles and behaving erratically will arise any suspicion or anything.

I stopped reading around Part 8/Chapter 35 because I’m just so very sick of her character. I hate not finishing a book, but continuing on with a terrible book when there are so very many other books I want to read, is a crime.

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Look at this thingy here

TEST..test.. test? Is this thing on?

I’ve decided to put something on this blog I signed up for who knows how long ago (years? yes, probably years), and actually put some words in here. Twice now I have ‘started’ a blog then fell by the wayside, so here it goes again. I don’t know what my theme will be, besides random shit, can that be a theme? Also extreme procrastination at it’s best.


I have lots of lovely friends with blogs and I enjoy reading theirs but get overwhelmed trying to keep up with things. ┬áSo I check in when I notice they’ve posted a new link on twitter or what not, then I feel like a horrid friend/fan for not keeping up at all.

Anyway, enough mindless blabbing, which is a fine skill of mine, but irritating.

I don’t really know how much of this blogging thing works, but I’ll give it a try!